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Personal Package

€2.50 per month

100 MB of storage
1 emailaccount(s)
1 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Lite Package

€4.95 per month

500 MB of storage
10 emailaccount(s)
5 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Startup package

€8.95 per month

1000 MB of storage
50 emailaccount(s)
10 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Basic package

€14.95 per month

2000 MB of storage
100 emailaccount(s)
25 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Small Business Package

€18.95 per month
5000 MB of storage
100 emailaccount(s)
50 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Business Package

€28.95 per month
10000 MB of storage
350 emailaccount(s)
100 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Business Plus Package

€44.95 per month
20000 MB of storage
500 emailaccount(s)
250 GB data traffic
4 cores
8196 MB max Ram geheugen

Impact-Mini VPS

€9.95 per month
50 GB of storage
1048 MB memory
1 cores

Impact-Average VPS

€14.95 per month
100 GB of storage
2048 MB memory
2 cores

Impact-Pro VPS

€24.95 per month
150 GB of storage
4096 MB memory
4 cores

Impact-Heavy VPS

€49.95 per month
200 GB of storage
8 GB memory
4 cores


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We will help you fastly online with your Virtual Private Server.


You can pay per month, per quarter or per year for your VPS or hosting solution.

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We can help you to set up your VPS. You get personal support from us.

Back Up

On your request and for a low price we can make a backup of your VPS.


We help you with the best domain name for your business!


We can host your mail solution for you. Please contact us for more details.

SSH Shell

You get full root access to your VPS server.


We monitor our servers all the time. The newest security patches are installed.

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